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The Worlds Greatest Electro House

CD 1
(01) [Green Velvet feat. Walter Phillips] Shake & Pop (Mark Grant Remix)
(02) [Armand Van Helden] When The Lights Go Down (Trophy Twins Digital Dub Remix)
(03) [D. Ramirez] La Discotek
(04) [Mylo] In My Arms (Tocadisco's Zwischen Den Stuhlen Mix)
(05) [Dave Spoon] At Night
(06) [Bump] I’m Rushin (Dave Spoon Vocal Mix)
(07) [Cicada] The Things You Say (Dirty South Remix)
(08) [Mind Electric] Dirty Cash (Money Talks) (Dirty South Mix)
(09) [Sarah McLeod] He Doesn’t Love You (Hook N Sling Vocal Remix)
(10) [Sucker DJs feat. Tiger Lily] Firework (Original Mix)
(11) [Artificial Funk] Never Alone (Trophy Twins + Funkagenda’s FATT Remix)
(12) [Hoxton Whores] Education (Vocal Mix)
(13) [Sander Kleinenberg] This Is Not Miami
(14) [Mark Knight feat. Katherine Ellis] Insatiable
(15) [Dirty Old Ann] Turn Me On (Phunkk Mobb Mix)

CD 2
(01) [Ethan] In My Heart
(02) [BK] Systematic (Yuri & Leonid 2Special Electro Remix)
(03) [Audio Bullys] Drop It
(04) [Plump DJs] Electric Disco (D. Ramirez Remix)
(05) [Friendly] Homeboys Cry Out For More
(06) [Eyerer & Chopstick] Haunting (Original Mix)
(07) [Kraak & Smaak] Money In The Bag (Sharam Jey Remix)
(08) [Tiga] You Gonna Want Me (12' Dance Mix)
(09) [Thomas Andersson] Washing Up (Tiga Mix)
(10) [Richard Dinsdale & Mark Knight] Crunch
(11) [Phatjak] Dirty Monday (Bart Van Wissen Remix)
(12) [The Similou] All This Love (The Young Punx Club Mix)
(13) [My Digital Enemy] Storm Breaks
(14) [Tocadisco] Music Loud
(15) [The Loose Cannons] La La La (I'm Not Listening) (Arabian Barmitzvah Mix)

CD 3
(01) [Booka Shade] Mandarine Girl
(02) [Justin Martin] The Fugitive
(03) [Yoshimoto] Du What U Du (Trentemoller Remix)
(04) [General Midi] Never Gonna Stop The Show (Dylan Rhymes Mix)
(05) [Nicolas Vallee] Acid Punch
(06) [Mylo] Drop The Pressure (Rex The Dog Remix) (Dirty Version)
(07) [Nimrod] My Life (16 Bit Lolitas Vocal Remix)
(08) [Solid Groove & Sinden] Red Hot
(09) [The Group Dynamic] Consequences (Original Vocal Mix)
(10) [Hoxton Whores] Pop The Lights (Funky Mix)
(11) [Content] It’s So...
(12) [Solid Groove] Sick Na Good
(13) [Alex Gopher] Motorcycle (Wet Clutch Edit)
(14) [Christopher & Raphael Just] Popper (Shinichi Osawa Distortion Disco Edit)
(15) [DJ Delicious] Let It Drop (Henrik B Mix)

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